Shine Your Light

n., adj., plural luminaries

1. A person who inspires or influences others
2. A natural light-giving body; a source of light
3. Of, relating to, or characterized by light or enlightenment
4. A person of eminence or brilliant achievement in her field or sphere

Shine Your Light Project is a learning community focused on wellness and personal development. It’s a place where you can find the tools to experience thriving health, cultivate deep connections, and ignite your inner light in a world that needs the gifts that only YOU can offer.

Shine Your Light is a sisterhood. A path to your truest, healthiest, and most vibrant self. A powerhouse collaboration between you, me and all who are ready to SHINE. A fusion of art and science, knowledge and heart. I bring you decades of experience in my fields of expertise, combining the wisdom of the body and mind in unprecedented and beautifully crafted offerings.

I created Shine Your Light programs to help the incredible women I work with grow into their most amazing lives, fulfill their potential, and experience profound contentment. We empower women to better offer their unique contribution to the world by understanding how to take better care of themselves with the highest quality health care information available, and with a handful of powerful personal development tools.

It's time for you to share the LIGHT of your beautiful soul with the WORLD!