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It’s about you – It’s about your unique individuality.  Your fingerprints are different from anyone else's on this earth. You are a unique combination of DNA that has never been, and will never be seen again in the world.

Today’s episode is at the core of the work I do with Live Excellence.  We live in a society that tries to put us all in a neatly wrapped package.  A package that tries to dictate what is right and what is wrong; what looks the best and what isn’t acceptable.  We are bombarded with images and messages that suggests we look and feel a specific way in order to be “right” or adequate.   It’s just complete BS – seriously!!  Don’t believe the lies because, they’re just not real.  It’s all an illusion and that illusion has become less and less attainable over the years thanks to Photoshop and other graphic manipulations.

Today’s podcast isn’t about body image or looks or being perfect.  Hopefully, I established the foundation that perfect doesn’t exist in my first podcast on Why Excellence.  This message isn’t some airy fairy motivational rambling.

It’s about you – It’s about your unique individuality.  Your fingerprints are different from anyone else's on this earth. You are a unique combination of DNA that has never been, and will never be seen again in the world.  Let that sink in . . . Do you realize how amazing and special that is?  How amazing and special YOU are!  That statement is perfect to put on your bathroom mirror – get your dry erase markers out and write on your bathroom mirror, so you can see this and read this out loud every morning and night  – I am a unique combination of DNA that has never been and will never be seen again in the world – I am here to live my ExcellenceDNA™.

You have ExcellenceDNA™ - YOU are NOT average, YOU are excellence in motion.  Spiraling around in those strands of unique DNA that only you have – your excellence is crying out to shine its light into this world.  You’re here for a reason that only you can fulfill.

There’s so much talk out there about finding your purpose.  The thought of it can be daunting.  I know it was for me.  I sold everything I had, with the exception of my car, my clothes and my cat and moved out to California 16 years ago.  I had no job in place, but I KNEW at my core; I was supposed to do this.  I was scared, more than I ever had been.   I say more because I had done this once before – when I graduated college, thankfully I found a job right after graduation, but it was too close to home for me.  I felt stifled.  I wanted to spread my wings and go on an adventure.   So, I packed my car and headed off to Atlanta.  I learned some tough but good lessons there – more details of those lessons can be found in my book – Live Excellence, How to Turn Your Breakdown into Your Breakthrough.

So, back to my move to Cali – even though I felt lost as an Easter egg and had no idea what that thing was that I was here to do, I trusted my instincts and took the leap.  Did I doubt myself at the time?  Of course and those were not fun days.  But, just as there is always a rainbow after a storm, there is light on the other side of the struggle – the unknowing of the why and where you are, is only temporary.  It was my ExcellenceDNA™ that instinctually knew this was my home.  It was my ExcellenceDNA™ that persevered even when I thought I had lost my marbles for moving here and leaving everything that I knew.  It was my ExcellenceDNA™ that nudged me to take one more step even when I had no idea how to take that step.  I simply trusted – trusted to follow my heart in search of what made me happy on the inside – what brought me joy and lit me up - THAT was my criteria.  Just like children, we all have the ability to laugh and love freely, if we allow ourselves that liberty.  Those things that bring us laughter and make us feel love, are unique to each one of us.

Each of us is here to be US - that’s an acronym for unique self.  It’s about striving to be our own unique best each and every day – Excellence is something we can all get excited about and daily obtain!  Even when challenges come, striving for excellence keeps hope and the possibility of success alive!  To Live Excellence brings the gift of each day into fulfillment.  That is why I chose Live Excellence.  I understand that what works for others may not work for me and vice versa.  So while, yes, you want to know your purpose, when you understand what your ExcellenceDNA™ is, THEN and only then, can you take action and fulfill your purpose.

It’s really not that complicated.  Think about those times that you feel happiness, when you laugh out loud - literally, when you feel proud, when you feel compassion – when these feelings are triggered in you, it’s because they are instinctual and specific to you.  They are what make you tick.  Those emotions are your ExcellenceDNA™ – they are your road map to why you are here.

To discover or be aware of the indicators, there is NO exception to this rule – you must be present.  Not caught up in social media.  Not busy with work or your kids or your spouse, etc. And you definitely can’t be caught up in what others think of you.  You must be in the moment – NOW.  Deepak Chopra wears a watch and when you look at it – it simply says NOW.  NOW is all that each of us has.  The more aware you are of that, the sooner you will know what your excellence gift is to the world.

So, while you are here, I want you to find out what you love to do most, and do that.  Give us your gift – the gift of you.  Forget those silly, fake, completely distorted messages – create a permanent line in the sand that only allows your gift out and any messages that contradict your excellence are immediately rejected.  Create that mental picture in your head and use it as a tool for when you are feeling a bit low or not as strong.  Use that picture of the line in the sand, as a reminder to you, that YOU are meant to be here and your message MUST be shared.

This is why I love excellence so much!  Even when I don’t reach my bar, I still win.  I win because I took action.  You only lose when you stop making the effort.  You CAN do this!  Don’t let shame hold you back – boy do I know about that sneaky monster!!  That’s definitely a subject for another podcast, but you know it when it’s there – the relentless conversation that makes you feel awful – THAT is shame.  Well tell it, to SHUT UP!!  If you have a lesson you need to learn – own it and MOVE on!!  If someone did something to you, as harsh as this may sound, find a way to find compassion and forgiveness for them AND what happened and then, MOVE on!!  You can tell me your story over and over in as many versions as you’d like, but it will come back to this - MOVE on.  Living your ExcellenceDNA™ requires forward movement.

I do have one disclaimer here – there are those times when you don’t feel like you can move.  In those moments – just stand. Stand and be present.  Stand and be accountable to the thoughts and emotions that you are receiving.  Write them down if you need to.  Do a video diary – whatever works best for you.  While you STAND, own that space.  Standing is moving forward.

It’s only when you start the negative self-talk and retract, that you have stopped moving forward.  Excellence requires you to be accountable to yourself.  Again, there’s only ONE YOU and WE NEED YOU.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be launching a program that I’m super excited about.  It’s the culmination of over 12 years of work.  It’s called, Finding Your Balance and Living Your ExcellenceDNA™.  It will help you understand YOU more than you ever have before – body, mind and spirit.  It’s based on a 5000 year old science and there’s nothing out there like it – did I say I was excited!!!  So, go to my website,, wait for the pop up screen and fill in the information.  I’ll send you my free excerpt on my book Wake Up and Show Up, plus you’ll be the first to know about the details of my new program, Finding Your Balance and Living Your ExcellenceDNA™. This is a complete and holistic program and I can’t wait to share it with you!!

I hope today’s journey has been helpful for you.  If you have any questions or want more information about discovering and living your ExcellenceDNA™, please connect with me at

Thank you for joining me today and until next time – LIVE Excellence!

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