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These are the scholarships we sponsor to help support the youth of our community to continue their education and life endeavors.  Each scholarship has it's own criteria and is independently chosen by a group or committee.


Karena Boyd, Lanie Ralph, Michelle Ramos, Alexis Garcia, Ben Gloyd, Emily Green and Ethan Smith

Donations can be sent to:
King's Players Youth Activities Inc
200 W Farthing St.
Mayfield, KY 42066

Pamela Alison Doughty Wiggins

This scholarship is in honor of the life that Pam lived.  It will go to a female student from Mayfield High School, chosen by a teacher, undecided in college major and known for their smile.

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Class of '59

This scholarship is awarded to a student that is chosen by the school counselor based on need and being overlooked for other scholarships.

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Bob McNeilly 

The recipient for the Bob McNeilly scholarship will be given to a student who is interested in the field of chemical engineering.

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