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I'm Laura Doughty, and welcome to The Shine Your Light Project! I'm a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, and love sharing what I've learned so you don't have to learn it the hard way. I believe that even though life can be challenging, we can rise above it and SHINE. I hope to be your cheerleader through the triumphs and trials that you face. 

We all are here to contribute our special light and share it with the world.  Sometimes, we need help.  Having the privilege and success of owning multiple 7-figure businesses, I've figured out the formula for highlighting the magic that is in YOU!

Ursula N.

Laura is one tough cookie - she loves you enough to not allow you to be less than who you are called to be.  Would not be who or where I am without having worked with her.  Get ready to shine!!

What People Say . . .

Barabara Corcoran

I have the pleasure of experiencing first-hand how Laura goes the extra mile.    Not only is she one of my favorite brokers, but I give her my stamp of approval when it comes to anything she does.  She will deliver!

Shelton W.

Laura came along when I needed it most.  Her process helped me see the gift of what I'm here to do and pointed me in the direction that allowed me to shine my brightest.  Beyond grateful!!

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